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On July 30th 1984 Marianne and Rolf Grimm founded the company MicroContact AG. The company opened the first test center for the Bareboardtest in Switzerland, also was expelled Ingun test probes and adapters as well as ATG test systems. Already at 1987 MicroContact built the first rigid needle adapter for increased demands of Barboardtests. With this technology in 1989 structures with 450μm pitch could be contacted. In 1990 MicroContact started to operate with Fürholz engineering together, the first Microtester MT100 was realized with rigid needle adapter 1 year later. Technosys AG was founded in 1999 from the company Fürholz engineering. Constantly new machines were designed and built like the MT300, MCute, MCraft, a passive-balance-Laser and 2005 the MCom. The full- and semi-automatic machines were equipped with PRS cameras so that the board can be precisely aligned in the contact. Meanwhile, the rigid needle adapters have been developed, so could 2003 be contacted at 150μm pitch. In the new machines Microcontact works with Stäubli robots for the handling of the substrates, circuit boards and trays. MicroContact has been established with the rigid needle adapter in 2013 to the Leader of the business, substrates with 5.5mm tall components can be contacted on 0.2mm pads with 0.4mm pitch.
With the know-how and long-term employees, the company strives to always look for new improved solutions to stay one step ahead in technology.


MicroContact AG would like to thank all its customers for their trust in the company and the employees for everyday use, which they can afford.

Certification of MicroContact AG

MicroContact AG is EN ISO 9001 certified since 1997. We switched to EN ISO 9001:2008 in October 2010.


MicroContact AG

 Our goal is long-term cooperation with our customers. From the first idea to the perfect realization of your project we set standards. Solutions of MicroContact are more than just implementation work.

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