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Fine-pitch test adapter

The test adapters for the finest structures

World leader in contacting the finest structures on bare or assembled PCBs. Our rigid needle adapters facilitate testing with the smallest test points and pitch, resulting in optimised layout, greater test density and reduced production costs. For populated PCBs, test point sizes starting at 0.15mm are possible. For bare PCBs, a much finer technique is also possible.

Are you approaching your limits in the miniaturisation of electronic products? We’ll be glad to help you, just contact us!

The very long service life and quick, autonomous servicing result in very low maintenance costs.

Under optimal conditions, rigid needles can achieve up to 500,000 contacts. The degree of wear of the rigid needle (“tip flattening”) depends mainly on the applied spring force and the contacting material.

Sirius-Technology for function tests

Precise needle guidance and low lateral play allow to sample the finest structures even on populated substrates. In Sirius-adapters, the needles protrude vertically from the adapter with minimal lateral play, which means that the test points can be designed even smaller and the contacting can happen even closer to the components. Just with the reduction of the test point area from ø0.8mm to ø0.2mm, the test point area is reduced by a factor of 16.

Short delivery times
We’ll be pleased to advise you in solving your challenges. Owing to optimal internal processes, our own drilling software and the intensive cooperation of the departments involved, delivery times of 3 weeks are possible.

    Our adapters

    Adapter for functional and in-circuit tests

    Unique possibilities for functional testing

    Just with the reduction of the test point area from ø0.8mm to ø0.12mm, the test point area is reduced by a factor of 45. Also, the layout man can set such tiny test points far more easily. Now it is possible to increase the test depth by measuring additional signals, for example when contacting on open conductor tracks directly.

    Advantages of the 2-stroke adapter

    The 2-stroke adapter has the great advantage that during the feed stroke the substrate is stably supported by the hold-down tips and no force is yet exerted on the substrate. Only during the contacting stroke the contacting force is applied to the substrate via the rigid needles. Thus, deformation of the substrate, as can occur with the 1-stroke adapter, is avoided.

    Microstructures during the hot test

    MicroContact’s rigid needle adapters have been engineered to maintain perfect contact even at 150°C. Due to the expansion of the adapter, a slightly larger test area is defined for the hot test, depending on the substrate. The adapter technology has been tried and tested over many years of 24-hour operation in the automotive sector and is fully developed.

    Adapter for bare board tests

    The bare board test permits contacting test points with a diameter of 40µm at pitch distances of 80µm. Here, more than 450 test points/cm² can be resolved. Even the most sensitive surfaces can be contacted.

    Plug adapter

    MCA-ST plug adapter for contacting micro plugs
    The MCA-ST plug adapter permits direct contacting of fine-pole plugs on circuit boards or jumpers. The adapter is guided by the connector housing, which eliminates the tolerances of the carrier and assembly.

    MCA ST o Possibilities:
    • Contacting directly to the plug contacts
    • Contact pad > 150µm (guided by housing)
    • Contact pitch > 250µm
    • More than 300 test points/cm²
    • Contacting force 0.6N to 0.8N per test point

    A wide variety of connectors can be contacted with the MCA-ST and it offers the user a long service life due to the minimal wear of the adaptation. The plugs or the adapter are positioned to each other by the plug housing or via a PRS.

    MCA ST HDMI Steckeradapter 5 weiss Steckeradapter 3 weiss
    Contacting of HDMI plugs Contacting of various USB plugs Contacting of board-to-board plugs
    Adapters for external systems

    MicroContact adapters can also be installed in external systems. Please contact us to define the interfaces.

    MCA Il


    • Contacting on micro vias, tiny test pads, micro plugs etc.
    • Contact pad > 100µm (centred by PRS)
    • Contact pitch > 400µm
    • More than 100 test points/cm²
    • Contacting force 0.8N to 1.5N per test point

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