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MCom – Fully automated test system for e-tests, functional tests, IC tests or high current tests

The microtester MCom is a fully-automatic test system for double-sided testing of assembled and bare substrates. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the substrates are fed from a stack, magazine, blister or inline from a conveyor belt.

The visual recognition system PRS identifies and measures the substrate from both sides before it is placed in the fine-pitch adapter, where it is aligned and offset corrected. In combination with the Sirius-adapter technology, the MCom microtester is able to contact ≥ 40 µm test points. Multiple applications are automatically stepped in X and Y direction.

A quick-release system with recognisable interchangeable kits ensures safe and quick retooling. Customer-specific options like heating and cooling stations, cleaning processes or visual devaluation of defective substrates can also be integrated.

The MCom adapter may be used to debug the test program or, for small series it can be fitted to the MCit-8 manual tester.