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Test systems adapted to your needs
Microtester – Test system for e-tests, functional tests, IC-tests or high current tests
With the microtesters and the applied fine-pitch test adapters, you can contact the finest test structures. E-tests, function tests, IC tests or high-current tests will be made cost-effective, efficient and with reduced cycle times. With the integration of HF adapters, we also provide double-sided testing of HF substrates up to high frequency ranges.

Each machine is individually adapted to your requirements. For instance, heating and cooling stations, cleaning processes and marking functions can be integrated. We build the microtester as an inline machine or let you process the substrates from stacks, from trays or from magazines. All according to your needs!

The basic principle for high-precision contacting

The basic process is consistent for all systems. The substrates are measured optically on one or both sides and positioned in the contacting unit with the XY system. A specific offset value is calculated for each contacting side and the adapters are optimally aligned to the layout in the X and Y directions and also in rotation.

Traceability and connection to MES systems
The traceability is achieved with the unique recognition of the substrate coding. The measurement results can be imported directly into your MES system and assigned to the corresponding substrate. The digitalisation of your processes is entirely supported.
Easy operation

A quick-release system and automatically identified interchangeable kits permit safe and quick retooling.

The intuitive operation of the Brick machine control system offers you easy and clear handling of even the most complex systems. Even offset values or PRS points can be easily set with the touch surface.

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