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Plug adapter

Our plug adapter corrects your manufacturing tolerances

Move Plug adapter

The needles automatically align themselves with the connectors to contact using a mechanical mount. The test adapter thereby absorbs a connector misalignment of +/- 0.2mm and can contact pads with a pitch of 0.3mm. The needles are only deployed after the adapter has been precisely positioned. This prevents damage to the fine connectors and the test pads. As soon as the contact is released, the needles return to their original position and are ready for the next contacting stroke. Small, high-precision test points on the board are simultaneously contacted directly.

The adapter may be installed as a single device in adapter kits and in existing or new test systems. The rigid needles have a service life of at least 50,000 contacts. These can afterwards be replaced quickly and independently.

MCA-ST plug adapter for contacting micro plugs

The MCA-ST plug adapter permits direct contacting of fine-pole plugs on circuit boards or jumpers. The adapter is guided by the connector housing, which eliminates the tolerances of the carrier and assembly.


  • Contacting directly to the plug contacts
  • Contact pad > 150µm (guided by housing)
  • Contact pitch > 250µm
  • More than 300 test points/cm²
  • Contacting force 0.6N to 0.8N per test point


A wide variety of connectors can be contacted with the MCA-ST and it offers the user a long service life due to the minimal wear of the adaptation. The plugs or the adapter are positioned to each other by the plug housing or via a PRS.

Contacting of HDMI plugs

Contacting of various USB plugs

Contacting of board-to-board plugs

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