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Laser Trimmer PAL

Matching of all resistors in a single trimming pass
MicroContact’s unique passive matching technology permits rapid matching of all resistors in a single trimming pass, making it significantly more economical and faster than conventional solutions.
The substrate is fixed between the pressure dome and the rigid needle adapter. The compressed air in the pressure chamber counteracts the contacting force. All resistors are now contacted from the bottom and are exposed on the top surface so that they can all be trimmed through the pressure glass in the same fixture.

Advantages of the PAL Laser Trimmer

  • All resistors can be trimmed in one pass.
  • The substrate is processed in only one process step.
    • Only one machine is required (saving on space).
    • Only one adapter is needed per substrate (cost saving).
    • Faster set-up – only one adapter is set up.
    • Faster cycle time of the series.
  • Unlimited in resistance density.
  • Minimum test points with ø 80 µm are required.
  • Owing to the extraction of the laser ablation in the pressure chamber, the substrate, the adapter and the machine are not contaminated.
  • Vision system for laser trimming and alignment.
  • Applications can be stepped in X and Y direction.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the system (1 trimmer instead of 5-8 units).

Laser trimmer


Rigid needle adapter