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Manual test fixtures

Manual test fixtures with rigid needles or spring probes

Manual test adapters are often needed for functional and IC testing. There are two ways of contacting the test subject: either spring probes or rigid needles are installed in the adapter, depending on the application and the required pitch. A combination is also possible.

MicroContact installs rigid needle adapters, such as in Ingun kits, so that the product specifications can be met even at a pitch < 1.27mm. With an appropriate interface, adapters can also be installed on function testers from Marconi, Flextronic, and others.


  • Contacting directly to the plug contacts
  • Contact pad > 400µm
  • Contact pitch > 500µm
  • Contacting of plug and IC


A suitable interface is selected depending on the customer’s requirements. The most common interfaces are:

  • ZIF socket
  • DIN 64 pin
  • D-SUB
  • Hypertronic connection
  • Pogo interface

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