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Customised high current testers

High current tests of IGBTs, diodes or MOSFETs

MicroContact manufactures customised high-current testers for testing high-performance semiconductors such as diodes, IGBTs, SiCs or MOSFETs. The testers facilitate static and dynamic high-current testing directly on the BARE DIE, at DCB level or of entire modules.

In the high-current test adapter, the specific conditions are considered so that only the test subjects themselves are measured and an impact of the adapter with the connecting cables on the result is avoided.

Test station for dynamic high current test

High current test IGBT

IGBT Tester

For measurement technology, we rely on our long-standing competent partner VX Instruments. Their reliable test systems, which are based on PXI and other technologies, ensure potential-free and accurate measurements. The high-current pulse-SMUs guarantee exceptionally short test times.

High-current test adapter

High current test system

High-current adapter

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