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MCraft – Semi-automatic test system for e-tests, functional tests, IC tests or high current tests

The microtester MCraft is a semi-automatic test system for single-sided testing of assembled and bare substrates. Following manual placement, the substrates can be cleaned from above if desired.

The visual recognition system PRS will then identify the substrate and measure it precisely. Based on the determined offset values, the substrate is automatically and optimally positioned with the fine-pitch adapter and is then contacted. In combination with the Sirius-adapter technology, the microtester MCraft is able to contact ≥ 50 µm test points. Multiple applications are automatically stepped in X and Y direction and tested in one clamping. Multiple adapters can as well be used for a shorter test period. Optionally, faulty test subjects can be marked, e.g. with colour.

The MCraft adapter may be used to debug the test program or, for small series, it can be fitted to the manual tester MCit-8. If quantities increase, this same adapter can then be integrated into the fully automated MCom.