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Test adapter

The test adapters for a
top test quality

With MicroContact test adapters and test systems, you can contact the finest test structures. Our adapters may also be integrated into third-party machines or manual test stations.

We also have solutions for high current testing and for double-sided testing of HF substrates into high frequency ranges.

For fine-pitch test adapters, MicroContact uses the unique rigid needle technology, which has been constantly advanced over the past two decades. Customers gain the flexibility to miniaturise the product by using smaller test points or to increase the test point and test density.

Plug adapters facilitate the contacting of plug connectors and are an alternative to the application of a mating plug, which often has a very short service life. The Move version of the plug module even aligns itself autonomously to the plug housing, helping to compensate for manufacturing tolerances and further facilitating assembly.

Depending on the size of the test points and the populated PCB’s manufacturing tolerance, a manual test station with mechanical alignment is sufficient. A visual recognition and automatic alignment of the test subject is necessary to be able to contact the smallest test points.

High-current adapters may not contact as fine structures as the fine-pitch test adapters, but they contact high-current modules with IGBTs or SiCs just as reliably.

Our test equipment construction department also develops and manufactures special set-ups.