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Customised test systems

Tell us your challenge. We find the solution that suits you best!
Specific requirements and specifications can be very different and cannot always be addressed with a standardised system or a customised basic machine. In such cases, we develop and manufacture your test system from scratch according to your needs.
  • Do your products need heating or cooling?
  • Should a test subject be restacked or precisely placed in a defined position?
  • Does your test require an inert gas environment?
  • Do you need to reduce the cycle time to such an extent that several test stations need to be realised at the same time? Do you also need maintenance or retooling of the individual stations during ongoing operation?
  • Should an additional picture of the test subjects be taken and automatically stored in a database?

We have the appropriate solutions for these and many other scenarios. Contact us. We’ll be pleased to support you!

Your contact person

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    Adrian Bangerter

    Sales Manager & Management